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ECA Energy | Power Generation

Power Generation

The East & Central African region is set to invest USD 25 billion in power generation until 2030. Specifically in Kenya, Under  Vision 2030, the government is aiming to increase electricity generation and investing in power generation solutions to keep up with growing demand and reduce frequent blackouts.

ECA Energy | Power Generation

Transmission & Distribution

East African countries are projected to witness peak demand/supply surplus of 3430 MW by 2025. Investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure is critical to ensure the installed capacity reaches the population.

ECA Energy | Renewables & Energy Storage

Renewable Energy

The potential for renewable energy in East Africa is high, especially in areas that don't yet have access to energy. Solar capacity is high in 70% of the areas in Kenya without electricity while 25% of the areas in Tanzania with no electricity have high potential for clean energy. Recently, the European Investment Bank (EIB) agreed to provide a $12.5m loan to support renewable energy projects in Uganda.

ECA Energy | Lighting


The LED market in East Africa reached a value of US$ 482.4 Million in 2018, with Kenya being the largest market in the region for LED products. The market is expected to reach a value of US$ 968.1 Million by 2024.

ECA Energy | Water & Environment

Water & Environment

Wasterwater treatment projects are slowly gaining momentum across the East African region. The Ethiopian government has recently approved the installation of a 15m3 sewage water treatment plant in the capital in an attempt to deliver nearly 100% reusable water.

ECA Energy | Water & Environment

Energy Management

Energy management solutions have a significant effect on meeting growing energy requirements in the East African region. While there are a number of barriers to energy efficiency, technology such as smart metering has opened up the market and helped improve utilities’ capacity to reduce non-technical losses.