KENYA: Redavia to deliver solar system to Exotic EPZ

A solar off-grid supplier Redavia, has recently signed an agreement to supply a solar photovoltaic system to Exotic EPZ, a company specialising in food processing in Kenya. This marks Redavia's entry into the off-grid market in Kenya.

The Kenyan solar off-grid market is growing with a new supplier; Redavia. The German company, which is rather well-known on the West African market, steps into the east of the continent with a first contract signed with Exotic EPZ, a company specialising in the processing and export of nuts and oils, managed by a trio of women.

“Redavia stood out as the perfect choice for Exotic’s energy needs. The company provides renewable and cost-effective energy under a flexible lease agreement, allowing Exotic EPZ to reduce costs and increase operational flexibility. In addition, Redavia’s carbon-neutral solution allows Exotic EPZ to reduce its carbon footprint, solving the problem of the sustainability of the company’s energy needs,” Redavia explains.

In West Africa, mainly in Ghana, Redavia builds small solar power plants for businesses, including its new Solar Carport. It is a carport with a roof equipped with solar panels. The solution allows companies to optimise their square metres of land. For example, a Solar Carport was installed for the Kete Krachi Timber Recovery (KKTR) sawmill in Sedorm-Yiti. This installation supplies 33,872 kWh per year.

In the city of Tema, Redavia also installed a Solar Carport for SGS, a Swiss certification company. This other carport equipped with solar panels again supplies electricity while optimising space for parking cars.

1 - 3 December 2020

KICC, Kenya